A view of the city center, Grand Hotel, and the nearby small park, Prishtina, Kosovo. (Wikipedia)

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Prishtina is located at the geographical coordinates 42° 40' 0" North and 21° 10' 0" East and covers 572 square kilometres (221 sq mi). It lies in the north-eastern part of Kosovo close to the Gollak mountains. From Prishtina there is a good view of the Sharr Mountains which lie several kilometres away in the south of Kosovo. Prishtina is located beside two large towns, Obiliq and Fushe Kosove. In fact Prishtina has grown so much these past years that it has connected with Fushe Kosove. Lake Badovc is just a few kilometres to the south of the city.

There is no river passing through the city of Prishtina now but there was one that passed through the centre. The river flows through underground tunnels and is let out into the surface when it passes the city. The reason for covering the river was because the river passed by the local market and everyone dumped their waste there. This caused an awful smell and the river had to be covered.(Wikipedia)
The river now only flows through Prishtina's suburbs in the north and in the south.

Tips & Pointers


Great Restaurants
Prishtina hosts some amazing restaurants. Make sure to visit Pjata, Tiffany, Country House, Pishat, Gresa, Rroni etc.


Great Coffee
For 1€ you can get coffee better than your corner' Starbucks.


Great Nightlife
Vibrant city of youth loves nightclubes and live music. There is something for every taste. Check for Sokoli&Mirusha bar that hosts some amazing local musicians.

Sights & Attractions

City Park

National Theater

Museum of Kosova

National Public Libray

Palace of Youth

Great Mosque

Germia Park

2011 Important Dates

01 January: New Year's Day
07 January: Orthodox Christmas
17 February: Kosovo Independence Day
09 April: Kosovo Constitution Day
25 April: Catholic Easter Monday
01 May: International Labour Day
09 May: Europe Day
30 August: Eid al-Fitr Holiday
06 November: Eid al-Adha
25 December: Catholic Christmas Holiday