Join Our Family

HomeinKosova invites all interested owners and real estate management companies, that are interested in offering their premises for short term accommodation services, to join our group. HomeinKosova is seeking likeminded partners that believe in offering good quality services, consistently. We believe that offering your house for a home - a friendly and respectful attitude is a must. Join HomeinKosova and contribute in making Kosovo a place where people would like to come back to.

Utilize your premises

Utilizing your idle premises and putting them to a good use will not only bring you additional income but will give you a chance to offer your house as a Kosovo home to people who wish to stay in Kosovo for a while. Contribute in placing Kosovo on the map, and make Kosovo a desirable place to visit!

Add Value

Putting your idle premises to a good use will add value to your property. It will liven up the building, increase interaction and visibility, and make the neighborhood more desirable, thus increasing the value of your property in the long run.

Become a partner

A partnership with HomeinKosova is a mutually beneficial relationship. With our clearly defined requirements and benefits, and with a range of options, our partnership will provide an opportunity for win-win situation for all. We are looking for partners who understand our concept and who are willing to provide maximum value to our clients. Contact us to find out more.